Question: I work in a healthcare facility that does not have COVID-19 exposures, does my employer have to provide masks?

Answer: Cal/OSHA requires that employers evaluate the potential hazards in their workplace and determine how to mitigate them. Often, employers can eliminate hazards with engineering or administrative controls, such as:

  • Installing barriers between employees and members of the public (like in grocery stores).
  • Testing new patients for COVID-19.
  • Developing policies and procedures related to maintaining social distancing.
  • Mandating that sick employees stay home.
  • Having a plan in place in case an employee becomes sick. 

If administrative or engineering controls cannot remove the hazard, the next step is to evaluate whether personal protective equipment (PPE) can offer protection from the hazard, and if so, what types are appropriate.

For more information you can share with your employer, please visit our COVID-19 resources page.



Cal/OSHA resource page with guidance for protecting workers from Coronavirus

Cal/OSHA Interim Guidance for Protecting Workers at Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities From Exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cal/OSHA factsheet on Respiratory Protection

Cal/OSHA factsheet on Aerosol Transmissible Disease

Cal/OSHA Workplace Guide to Aerosol Transmissible Disease

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