Question: I don’t think my employees would make an effort to practice safety if I didn’t require them to. What are some ways I can improve our safety culture? 

Answer: It starts at the top: lead by example! Supervisors and management must demonstrate their commitment to safety by actions, not just words. If your employees see you’re committed to safe work practices, they will emulate the same actions. The presence of company executives or managers at safety meetings is another way to demonstrate the importance of safety.

Some other steps include:

  • Involve employees in safety planning. The best line of defense against workplace accidents is for employees to take an active role in developing the organization’s safety program and procedures. Make it straightforward and available in their preferred language. 
  • Emphasize safety. Make it clear to employees that safety is a priority for you and on par with productivity.
  • Make it easy. Make your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) readily accessible to employees. Have a system in place for them to easily report hazards and encourage them to bring unsafe conditions to your attention. Ensure they feel comfortable doing so without fear of retaliation. 

Also, be sure to praise employees by recognizing their safe work practices at your next meeting. They’ll appreciate the recognition, which can also encourage coworkers to adopt safe work practices.

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