Fall Prevention

Protecting Employees Who Work From Heights

Falls remain one of the leading causes of injury and death in the construction industry. Preventing those falls is one of the industry’s top priority. In the link below, read more about the available fall prevention methods, when they’re required, and when not to use certain types.

Help Prevent Falls From Heights

Fall Protection Video: In English | En Español

Act Quickly to Prevent Suspension Trauma

We all know that a personal fall protection harness is designed to prevent a worker from falling all the way to the ground from an elevated location. Equally important to wearing the harness is an immediate response by coworkers when a fall occurs. Click the link below for information on how to prevent Suspension Trauma.

Suspension Trauma Rescue

Safe Use of the Bucket Lift

An aerial (or bucket) lift is a great solution for reaching hard-to-reach, elevated areas. But these units are tricky to work with. Fall prevention efforts here include where to park the lift truck and training on how to operate it. In the link below, read more about how to prevent falls when working with an aerial lift.

Aerial Platform Safety