Water, shade, and cool-down breaks help your employees protect themselves from the heat.

Heat Illness

California is notorious for its hot summer temperatures in many parts of the state. And, working in that heat can take its toll on your workers, potentially resulting in heat illness, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. On this page you’ll find resources to help you protect your employees and comply with Cal/OSHA regulations.

Protecting Against the Heat

When the body heats up faster than it can cool itself, mild to severe illnesses may develop. Here are some tips to help your employees reduce the risk of becoming sick from excessive heat.

Symptoms of Heat-Related Illness
Top Five Ways to Beat Heat-Related Illness

Yes, It Can Happen to You

When it comes to working in the heat, knowing your limitations is key to avoiding being overcome by the heat. State Fund Loss Prevention Engineer James Kilpatrick knows that first hand. Read about that first-hand experience and what he says he should have done differently.

Personal Lessons From a Loss Prevention Engineer

Protecting Indoor Workers From Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can affect indoor workers too. Whether it’s hot work, like welding, or the A/C goes out in the office, extreme temperatures make for a dangerous working environment indoors. Click the link below for more information.

Indoor Heat Illness