Maintaining overall health reduces your risk of injury.  Get a good night’s sleep to rest your body and maintain alertness.  Eat healthy foods and drink fluids to boost energy and stay hydrated.  Aerobic exercise and weight training increase strength and vitality.  Stretching, yoga, and pilates improve flexibility and build core body strength.

Pay attention to signs of discomfort and fatigue on the job; these are warning signs from your body.  As muscles tire during a work task, slouching can lead to poor posture, sloppy, uncontrolled movements, and injuries. Rest breaks mean recovery for the body.  During a job task, take micro-breaks lasting 10-15 seconds every ten minutes.  Take mini-breaks lasting 3-5 minutes every thirty to sixty minutes.  These short breaks give the body a rest, reduce discomfort, and improve your performance.

Alternate your work activities and postures throughout the day.  Rotating tasks may seem inefficient, but the rest and use of different muscle groups increases energy and maintains productivity.  For example, if you are a landscaper, don’t trim all of the shrubs, sweep up the trimmings, and then leaf-blow the whole area; work in sections and trim, sweep, and leaf-blow in alternating tasks.  If you work at a single workstation and job task all day, move into different postures while you work: first standing, then standing with one foot resting on a stool, then sitting.

Stretches help you warm up before work and relax during breaks; they increase flexibility and boost blood flow and oxygen to muscles.  Perform stretches slowly and gently; avoid extreme postures and stop stretching if you feel pain or discomfort.  Physical and occupational therapists are the most qualified individuals to generate a specific stretching and warmup program.

Overall fitness and flexibility, adequate sleep, task rotation, and rest breaks can help limit the overall risk of injury.

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