Safe Driving

Safe Driving To, From, and For Work

Many of us commute by car to and from work, some of us travel on company business, while others drive for a living like truck drivers. Click on the links below for safe driving information to help your employees get to and from their destinations safely.

Be an Extra Safe Driver
Drive Safely
Aggressive Driving
California’s Cell Phone Law, Revised in 2017

Winter Driving – Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Whether it’s rain, wind, snow, sleet, ice, or all of the above, driving in the wintertime is a challenge – especially for those who drive for a living. Click below for some safety tips on how to manage the unpredicatable conditions and to arrive to your destination and back home safely.

Winter Driving

Stay Alert and Awake Behind the Wheel

Drowsy driving reduces your awareness on the road and increases your chances of getting into an accident. In the link below, read about the danger of drowsy driving and some tips on how to avoid it.

Drowsiness and Driving – A Dangerous Combination