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Here are three critical workplace safety concerns for California employers:

Injury & Illness
Prevention Program

Heat Illness


In The News…

Employees at Work Behind the Wheel: Stay Safe on the Road

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work-related deaths in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Developing safe-driving policies and training your employees on those policies help them reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

Flu Season is Here - Time to Get Vaccinated

Each year, employers in the United States lose an estimated $7 billion due to missed work and lost productivity because of the flu. The best defense against the annual epidemic is a flu shot. Learn more about it and other prevention steps you can take at your workplace.

Preparing for Disasters: Expect the Unexpected

Disasters occur with little or no warning. Whether it’s wildfires, floods, an active shooter situation, or other emergency; we all need to be prepared to evacuate the workplace at a moment’s notice.

Are You Prepared for the Next Earthquake?

Visit our Earthquake Resource Center for information and resources on how to prepare your workplace for when the ground starts shaking.