Tractor Safety

If you’re among the thousands of farm owners in the United States, you probably have tractors and ATVs. Did you know that tractor and ATV rollovers are are a leading cause of injury and death among farm workers? Check the content below for information on how to help prevent these types of incidents.

Tractor Safety: Prevent Rollover Accidents
No Need to Speed! How to Be Safe While Using ATVs On the Farm

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Valley Fever On the Rise in California

And, agriculture workers are among those most susceptible to this illness, especially those in California’s Central Valley. That’s because they’re at risk of breathing in fungal spores that become airborne during digging and other soil-disturbing operations. Valley Fever cases range from mild to very serious. Below please find resources on how to help your employees minimize their risk to Valley Fever.

Valley Fever is at a Fever Pitch in California
A Fungus in the Fields—And It’s Causes Valley Fever
Protect Your Workers Against Valley Fever

Tree Work

When trimming or cutting down trees, safe use of the tools is one critical step toward worker safety–but, it’s not the only one. Those who climb trees to trim them are at risk of falls if the climbing gear fails or if they step on weak or broken branches. Those who fell trees are at risk of being struck by falling objects, including the tree itself. See the links below for information on tree work safety.

Tree Trimming Safety Starts On the Ground and Works Its Way Up
Chainsaw Safety

General Agriculture Safety

In addition to the safety concerns above, workers in the agriculture industry face other injury risks depending on the work they do. Here is more safety information to help your employees stay safe on the job.

Protecting Your Field Workers From Pesticide Exposure
Animal Handling Safety
Preventing Heat-Related Illness
Top Five Ways to Beat Heat Illness

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