Retail Safety

Working in the retail industry means lots of standing and moving. Slip. trip, and fall injuries are quite common as are musculoskeletal injuries. Read more about how to protect your retail workers.

Grocery Store Safety                         Dining Safety
Restaurant Safety                              Restaurant Ergonomics
Retail Worker Safety                         Retail Tagger Safety


Automotive Repair

Auto repair workers are exposed daily to potential injury from chemical splashes, fumes, hot surfaces, airborne debris from welding and sanding, and many other risks. 

Auto Body Fender Repair             Auto Transmission Repair Work
Auto Body Painting                        Automobile Repair Services
Auto Body Work

Electrical Safety

Electrical workers are at risk of shock, injury, and electrocution each day on the job. These safety topics offer ways to help your electrical workers reduce their injury risk.

Electrical Safety – Know the Ground Rules
Electric Equipment Guarding and Workspaces
Electric Power Line Installation and Repair
Not All Electrical Work is Created Equal
Remember to Lockout and Tag Out


Those who work in the medical profession not only take care of others, they must also take care of themselves. Risks include—but are not limited to—infection exposure, violence, slips, trips, and falls. 

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) Safety
Home Healthcare Hazards and Solutions
Home Healthcare Workers
Hospital Workers

Find more safety information in our Safety Resource Library.