Safe Driving

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of workplace fatalities in every major U.S. industry group, according to the Centers for Disease Control. For details on how to protect your workers when they travel for work, please see our Safe Driving page.

Truck Driving

Staying safe behind the wheel of a big rig involves keeping up with the truck’s maintenance, getting plenty of rest, and being aware of your surroundings. Read the articles below for ways to help keep your drivers safe on the road.

Trucker Safety
Truck Tarping
Tow Truck Operations
Entering and Exiting Vehicles Safely
Diesel Exhaust

Rail and Air Transportation

The nation’s railways and airports are critical parts of our transportation system. Workers are needed 24/7 and in all types of weather. Read about the safety concerns they face and ways to address those risks.

Aircraft Maintenance Safety
Pilot Safety
Addressing Rail Yard Fatigue
Railway Operations Safety

General Transportation Safety Info

As an employer, you can’t always be with your employees when they travel for business. But you still want them to be safe. Read about ways they can protect themselves while at work and on the road.

Air Bag Safety                                                            Bike Messenger Safety
Cruise Control Driving                                              Tire Wear
Traffic Control Safety
Vehicles for Worker Transport
Your Employees Role in Vehicle Fleet Safety

Find more safety information in our Safety Resource Library.