Missed work means lost productivity. It also means your company is losing money. In fact, absenteeism costs U.S. employers $1,685 per employee each year.

Does it seem as though your employees spend more time out sick than they do in the office?

Studies show that wellness programs provide a good return on investment if properly implemented and engaged by your workers. Wellness programs can improve employee morale, increase job satisfaction, and even reduce the chances of a workplace injury.

Workplace wellness programs are a set of health and protection strategies that encourage the physical and mental well-being of your employees. They help ensure that health is a priority. In return, your workers are able to function at a higher level and be more productive.

Some ideas for your wellness program include

  • Smoking Cessation Program.
  • Flu shot clinics.
  • Health and fitness classes.
  • Weight loss programs.
  • Incentives for participation.

Wellness is a priority at State Fund, too. Our wellness program includes

  • Weight loss challenges and programs.
  • Treadmill workstations so employees can walk while they work or walk on their break.
  • Bike desks for employees to pedal and work or pedal on break.
  • Onsite group exercise programs with employee instructors, such as Yoga and Tai Chi.
  • Walking challenges.
  • Onsite flu shots.
  • Smoking cessation.

Find more information about services, participation, incentives, and wellness at work to help you start your workplace wellness program today.

It might be difficult to put a price on wellness, but healthy, happy workers are priceless.

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